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Saturday 15th August 2020

The right contact lens for you?

The right contact lense for you

Contact lenses have revolutionised the way we live. But to get the most out of your lenses it pays to make sure you get the right ones for you.

  • Don't gamble with your sight.

    Eyes are delicate and easily damaged.


  • Have your eyes properly examined by a qualified optometrist.

    You will be advised on the most suitable lenses for your eyes and regularly checked to ensure that your eyes remain healthy.


  • The very latest equipment

    enables accurate verification of the prescription and measurement of the shape of the front of the eye (cornea).


  • High precision optical equipment

    results in a highly magnified detailed image of the eye which enables the optometrist to ensure that the eye is suitable for contact lens wear.


  • Hard or gas permeable lenses float in tear fluid and must fit perfectly.

    A special fluorescein dye is viewed using ultra-violet light enabling the optometrist to spot the slightest flaw in the fit of the lenses.


  • With soft contact lenses the shape is all important

    and we are equipped with state of the art technology which ensures all parameters are correct and edges perfect.


  • Contact lens orders must be accompanied

    by an up-to-date prescription for contact lenses (less than one year old) and an assurance that you have received after-care from a qualified optometrist during the last year. This is to protect your eyes!

Eye Options Qualified Optometrist

Eye Options High precision equipment

Eye Options contact lens shape is important


We recommend that all contact lens wearers have an annual check up to ensure that their eyes are healthy and normal and to discuss any changes to lens availability with the fast moving advances in technology.


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